MIA POW Number Plates

United States military men and women have been fighting for our freedoms since this country’s beginning.

Now, Alabama residents have a new way to honor prisoners of war and those missing in action.

Max Roberts with the Vietnam Veterans of America said, “Let me put it this way, here’s my $5 dollars for the tag.”

Roberts is one of many veterans who fought in war, and now legislation allows all residents the choice to purchase car number plates that support our military.

Representative Steve Clouse said, “A lot of the ones that have the POW tags are now seeing how much the rest of us care about the POWs and MIAs. They know what it’s like and we need to keep the promise as the tag says.”

Representative Clouse said, “It’s important for the reason that we have always had a flag for POWs, but this will allow the average citizens to have a distinctive number plate that they can have to honor POWs. And, to remember the Missing in Action so we can let those family members know we are concerned about our veterans.”