Number Plate Changes from State Lawmaker

Representative Charlie Denison is steering the bill. Denison says Missouri’s lost $10 million over the last several years in personal property and sales taxes. In order to recoup that money, he thinks cars and trucks need a new identity.

“We can look at the number plate,” Sergeant Dan Bracker with the Missouri Highway Patrol described. “Look at the first two letters, and tell if that person has expired plates or not.”

Right now, each plate in Missouri is unique, just like a fingerprint.

“That sticker coincides with that specific plate number,” Bracker said.

The sticker is also easily accessible. Not only for troopers, but criminals.

“They’ll either steal a plate, or they’ll steal a tab,” Bracker exclaimed. “The criminals will get into their vehicle and go to the extent of going to the same color type, and make and model of a vehicle.”

The thefts are costing the state millions. The crime has caught the attention of state lawmakers.