Ferrari Number Plate In High Value Auction

Nearly 1,000 Texans convened at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on Thursday evening for a record-setting auction of personalized license plates. It was the first auction in which state residents could bid on personalized plates with a full seven letters of their choosing. The night’s top seller was a plate with the word “FERRARI.”

Dallas physician Salman Waheed purchased four of the 33 specialized plates up for auction: PORSCHE , T STARS, T DALLAS and AMERICA .

“I came to this country 16 years ago and became a naturalized citizen, and I believe it is an honor to be an American citizen,” Waheed told Austin’s KXAN about his new plates.

Other big sellers included “COWBOYS” for $11,500 and “GO HORNS” for $10,500. The plates are valid for 25 years, after which they can be renewed every 10 years. What’s more, the plates can be legally sold at a profit by their owners.