Selling Your Private Number Plate

Commission Sale: You can advertise your private number plate on our site and in our national magazine coverage. This means that we will promote your registration and professionally handle the transfer process once a buyer is located. We simply charge an administration fee which is added to the price advertised.

The private number plate will remain your property until a buyer is found. Upon completion of a successful sale we will pay you the agreed amount (unless a price reduction is agreed with you in advance). If you decide to withdraw your registration from sale or sell elsewhere, simply inform us in writing of your wishes and we will remove the number from our listings.


Cash Purchase: We buy quality registrations for stock and this offers a quick way to sell your number plate without waiting for full market price to be achieved.

We handle all of the relevant paperwork involved in the personalised number plate transfer process and arrange for your vehicle to have a replacement age related registration mark assigned free of charge.

Your next step! complete the form below in full and we will email you a valuation. If you are happy with the price, click on the link within the email and we will start advertising and promoting your number.

Number Plate Details