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Current style number plates were first used in September 2001 when the old system of prefix registration numbers came to an end with the final 'Y' prefix. The current format includes a year number identifier instead of the traditionally used letters for example a car registered in September 2006 would have '56' as the year identifier.

Number plates with year or number age identifiers have restrictions on their application. You cannot make a vehicle look newer than it actually is ie. a '55' new style number plate cannot go onto a vehicle registered before September 2005. The same rules apply to prefix number plates, a 'Y' prefix plate cannot go onto a vehicle registered before 2001.

Regplates offer a registration match service so when a plate becomes available our system will automatically contact you to alert you. We can also locate registration numbers through our extensive records of sold numbers. This can be a great tool to utilise when tracking down very rare number plates.

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48 RD
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72 W
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PAB 810S
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DGS 594
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56 E
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82 C
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39 DS
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958 BMW
£ 2750

11 RSY
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£ 4500

9 SA
£ 39995

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