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Personalised number plates are exactly that – a plate that is personal to the owner. Typically when a car is bought, it comes with a registration number. This is specific to the vehicle. Personalised plates are often called cherished plates or private plates. The terms are relatively inter-changeable. Whatever term you use, practically anyone can get a personalised number plate. Previously personalised number plates where generally associated with the rich and famous but these days anyone can get one. There are a number of reasons why personalised number plates have grown in popularity over the past several years.


People invest in all things – property, gold, wine, art, savings and bonds. Another way to invest your hard earned cash is with personalised number plates. Believe it! There are many, many examples of proven return on investments. Take 1 SAJ for example. It was bought in the mid nineties for about £3,300 and it is now valued at around £30,000. That’s not a bad return of investment by anyone’s standards.
It does take knowledge of course to know what to invest in but help is always at hand by a specialist company like our own. Look for exclusive numbers and solo numbers . The number 1 shows scarcity with any combination of letters. It’s a very popular choice- e.g., VIP 1 was first used on the Popemobile when Pope John Paul 2nd visited Ireland. It last sold for around £200,000 back in January 2006, an increase of 135%.


Having a personalised plate is fun. You don’t have to have a registration that makes sense to everyone else. You can have something that makes you smile every time you get into the car. e.g., you could have something like DO57 COW for your girlfriend or MS61 TCH for your mother-in-law.
Personalised private numbers make great fun gifts, instead of the usual perfume or jewellery. I’ve seen marks that read something like this, e.g., JWC 1.
Celebrate an achievement , a wedding anniversary or something you love with a personalised plate. Certain registration plates are not as expensive as one would imagine.


There are a myriad of ways to market a business, there are flyers, websites, blogs, articles (like this one!), trade shows, newsletters. The list is quite endless – it’s only limited by your mind! A clever way to promote a business is by using a personalised mark.
Let’s face it, registration plates are viewable by everyone, practically everywhere – when your parked and when your in traffic.
These are just three reasons to get a personalised plate. There are plenty more, whatever your reason, make sure you get something that means something to you - or your pocket. It will be well worth it.
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) raised a whopping Dh12 million by selling 92 distinguished car registrations vehicle number plates at its 68th auction held recently.
The auction conducted by the RTA’s Licensing Agency at its main auditorium, saw the participation of 120 bidders. Having cultural and iconic importance, the numbers that were on offer played an instrumental role in the auction. Numbers such as G58, H91, J333 and I786 attracted the highest bids.
The CEO of RTA Licensing Agency, Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, said that apart from the numbers on offer the marketing and advertising campaign that preceded the auction played an important role in the success.
The Department of Roads and Transport (DRT) says a lack of competition is the reason for the delay of the intelligent car registrations (INP) project.
This comes after the department initially said none of the proposed technology for intelligent number plates had met its standards and this was the reason for the latest deadline being missed.

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Now, Gauteng transport MEC Bheki Nkosi says the department is concerned there was only one suitable supplier for both the tags and the regplates car private plates and this would have resulted in uncompetitive pricing.
Nkosi says that, in line with the October deadline that was set for the roll-out of the project, the department established project governance structures and reconstituted the project team to fast-track implementation.
“These cars are inconveniencing our businesses, every day we have to go through the stress of requesting people to move their cars, most of the time it is the people who go next door to register vehicles. Where should our customers park? and to make things worse, sometimes I cannot even park at my own business,” Joey Botes, Midas Managing Director said.
She said most of the people who leave their cars at her business parking bay were rude and at times insultive.
“I had to go through the process of hiring a guard who monitors all the cars that come in here and at one point, he was almost attacked by an Indian national with a bushknife because he had parked at our premises when he was destined for the registration place,” Botes said.
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