Personalised Number Plates

Have a bit of fun! – Why stick with your car’s original registration when you can jazz it up with a personalised number plate that reflects your personality, style or humour?

There are a surprising number of registration variations you can make with personalised number plates. They can be made to resemble words or names; for example you might choose to include your initials or birth year.

However if you fancy spending more then there are plenty of high value registration plates that exude pure exclusivity. Exclusive car number plates can also be a nice little investment for the future.

Why Buy Custom Number Plates?

What was once a rarity has now become more popular, as today more vehicles than ever have got private number plates – and RegPlates is proud to have been responsible for the buying and selling of car number plates since 1991.

Choosing your own custom number plate can be a fun process, whether you are buying for yourself, or a loved one or even your business. In some cases companies even choose to have certain phrases, such as ‘BUSY’ displayed on their number plates to spark interest and discussion from potential customers.

Aston Martin Personalised Number Plates

How to Buy Number Plates?

The 'how to' is simple - our easy to use online number plate search tool allows you to search for different combinations and the tools even make suggestions grouped by price so you can pick the best number plate for your budget.

If you are interested in expensive rare plates, browse our exclusive registration plates, or those in a number plate auction and get in touch with us and our friendly staff will walk you through the process of making the purchase.

As a general rule, fewer letters and numbers mean that a plate will be more expensive. Also the popularity of a certain set of numbers and letters will determine if you are going to have to pay a higher price. It is these kinds of plates which best maintain their value and are often a good investment turning an impressive profit on your initial outlay if you ever decide to sell your number plate.

Search now for the perfect Number Plates!

As members of MIRAD (Registration Agents and Dealers) and APRT (Association of Personalised Registration Traders) you can relax in the knowledge that // adhere to best practice within our industry and that our team is made up of experienced personnel whose aim is to make sure you get the plate of your dreams.

Simply phone us today to make an enquiry on a number plate or do a number plate search and check out our RegPlates blog and FAQs online.

New Stock At Regplates

48 RD
£ 7995

ROB 813S
£ 6995

£ 4995

183 MAX
£ 4995

£ 3495

£ 3995

72 W
£ 29995

£ 1995

£ 4495

£ 2495

PAB 810S
£ 3995

59 B
£ 34995

DGS 594
£ 2995

£ 3995

56 E
£ 24995

£ 4495

82 C
£ 37500

£ 2995

39 DS
£ 12495

£ 4995

958 BMW
£ 2750

11 RSY
£ 3995

£ 29995

£ 4500

9 SA
£ 39995

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INK – Our Latest Happy Customer!

Our latest happy customer! 1 NK – the ultimate INK number plate, supplied by the Team at Regplates. Find your perfect plate now.

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