Cherished Car Numberplates

Cherished Numberplates for Casson

Cherished Number Plates for Casson

You may have just bought a cool car with the swankiest of alloys, or maybe you are looking for the ideal prestigious gift for a partner or friend - so why not consider getting a personalised car registration plate? has bought and sold cherished number plates for more than twenty years and have a wealth of experience regarding all aspects of the vehicle registration market.

Having your own chosen selection of letters and numbers that make up your personalised number plate is a luxury and becoming widely popular. While rare exclusive plates are still the reserve of people with deep pockets, everyone has the chance to get a unique plate of their own.

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Famous Cheriushed Registration NUmber Plates

Perhaps the most exclusive of all UK number plates are those owned and used by the royal family. Although the Queen is the only person allowed to travel on roads in the UK without a number plate, she owns the prestigious 'A7', originally issued by London Council in 1903. Her daughter Princess Ann had the distinctive '1 ANN' before eventually changing it for security reasons.

At the time of writing the most expensive number plate to have ever changed hands in the UK was for £375,000 at a number plate auction. The 'F1' plate was sold in 2008 to a Bradford businessman. The previous record breaking plate at an auction was ‘M1’ which fetched £331,000. This cherished number plate was issued over 100 years ago by Cheshire Council and was sold on behalf of the National Trust with the money raised being used for new NT projects.

The world’s most expensive license plate ever sold was the Abu Dhabi plate labelled ‘1’ for $14.3 million and was bought by United Arab Emirates based businessman Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri.

Investing In Cherished Personalised Number Plates

Collecting cherished number plates can become a worthwhile investment as they can acquire more value over time – like a fine vintage wine.

'MAG 1C' owned by TV celebrity and magician Paul Daniels, had spotted it years before it finally came into his possession. The similar 'COM 1C' is owned by comedian Jimmy Tarbuck since it was first registered in the 1960s and if either of these great entertainers ever decides to sell their plates we can only guess at the kind of sums such sales would generate.

Cherished Number Plates HA

While these examples of cherished number plates might be pricey, there are plenty of affordable options so you too can acquire a unique private number plate.

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Here at Regplates we make it easy to do a number plate search online to find the perfect combination for your own cherished plate.

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