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New Tax Disc Law From 1st October 2014

The law is changing for vehicle tax discs, see below for the Q&A from the DVLA. 1. What are you doing? We are changing the law to get rid of the need to display a paper tax disc. Tax discs

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  • 22nd Jul, 2014

Latest Stock In: L2 CEY – J2 NNO & NUT 80Y

New stock at – NUT 80Y – the finishing touch for that sports / performance car or bike! £3995 – available now. Also just in : J2 NNO – the ideal Jonno number plate priced at £2499 and L2

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  • 28th May, 2014

James Bond Hits Covent Garden!

This weekend visitors to London’s Covent Garden were given an extra special treat with the arrival of the James Bond Collection of Aston Martin cars.   The beautiful display had cars ranging from DB4 upto the DBS and almost everything

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  • 24th Mar, 2014

New In Stock BARTY & SARAH!

New in at are two great name plates – BAR 777Y for Barty / Bartie / Barry and SAR 6S which makes a great Sarah number plate. £1995 £3995 Please call the team on 01482 627 628 now or

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  • 3rd Mar, 2014

Number Plates Equal Classic Cars As Investments

The message is clear the world over, number plates can make great investments. Oven our friends down under have a soft spot for quality rare old number plates with a recent auction house publishing facts showing that their number plate

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  • 26th Feb, 2014

Velvet Ferrari Anyone? Wrapped For Christmas?

The team are always on the lookout for interesting number plates on the streets and this Ferrari parked outside Harrods certainly fits that description! Not only does it have a great F1 number plate but it is also covered

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  • 23rd Dec, 2013

Release of the 14 Series!

Release of the 14 Series! Today marks the release of the 14 series of numberplates. This offers a great new selection including ME14NYS, VO14NTE, AV14TOR and thousands more.                   You can search

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  • 4th Dec, 2013

CCK 1 – Mayoral Number Plate Up For Sale!

The number plate, CCK1, has been owned by the council since the 1930s but will soon be offered for sale with a healthy reserve set at £22,000!                   The auction will open

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  • 3rd Dec, 2013

Top Selling Auction Number Plates

Day 1 at the November personalised number plate auction saw some strong prices. Of the 500 number plates sold, these were the top selling: COll EEN, for Coleen sold for a whopping £30,000 followed by 8888 BB at £17,500 and

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  • 27th Nov, 2013