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Reg Transfers The Transfer Procedure

Once you have bought a vehicle registration plate, there is usually a transfer process which can take anything from 3 - 10 days which is normal for ‘marks’ that have never previously been issued. Registration transfers can take a few weeks where the vehicle mark has been previously assigned.

At we aim to make the process as easy for you as possible. You can track the status of a transfer during office hours by calling us on 01482 627 628.

Make an enquiry now for a registration transfer.

Reg Transfers Vulgar Number Plates

Transferring a Number Plate onto a New Vehicle
The transfer of your purchased personalised number plate to a brand new car is usually a simple process. You will need to supply with a V55 form supplied by your garage, plus an insurance certificate and cheque payable to the Department of Transport for road tax and an £80 transfer fee.

Transfer time can be unpredictable so it may be best to ensure there is a year related plate assigned by the garage supplying the vehicle. This solution will ensure you full use of the vehicle whilst the transfer is taking place.

Transfer a Vehicle Registration to Your New Car
Transferring a vehicle mark from your old car to a new one is relatively simple and there are no time restrictions involved and can be organised by yourself.

Registration Transfer following a "write off"
When insurers decide that a car is a 'write off' it can complicate matters for vehicles bearing a private plate, because if the claim is settled and the insurers sell the vehicle as salvage before the number is transferred you will lose your entitlement to it.

In the event of a write off, the vehicle must be made available for inspection by governing bodies in order for you to retain the number for it to be transferred to another vehicle.

Transfer Plates When Your Car Is To Be Scrapped
When a car is 'scrapped' it effectively ceases to exist and its registration number is cancelled, meaning that it cannot be transferred. Whoever is responsible for the destruction of the vehicle must inform the governing bodies and return the V5 documentation.

In order to ensure that you retain the rights to your cherished number plate, you can make a direct application to the DVLA, but this process can be long winded. Being a member of MIRAD & APRT has the proven experience to handle this entire process for you.


If you choose to use to handle the transfer, then you have the benefit of over twenty years’ experience and also the peace of mind that dealing with a reputable firm provides.

As members of The Association of Personalised Registration Traders, we adhere to the association’s code of ethics and are members of the Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers, making us subject to regular supervision by the group – facts we’re proud to share with our customers.

Let us help you to keep hold of your valued registration plates and contact us today.


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